Kite loc

Kiteboarding lessons :

 1 student2 students
  2 hours discovery120€90€
  3 hours discovery180€120€
  1 intermediate level hour/retraining after a long break
  (with the school’s own equipment)
  1 intermediate level hour/retraining after a long break
  (with your own equipment)
  4 hours package (2×2 hrs) 230€145€
  6 hours package (3×2 hrs) 330€198€
  8 hours package (4×2 hrs) 420€250€
  10 hours package (5×2 hrs) 500€290€


Equipment rental :

 KiteBoardHarnessKite +
Kite +
Board +
  1/2 day35€25€10€45€50€
  1 day50€30€15€65€75€
  2 days85€50€20€110€120€
  3 days105€65€30€150€160€
  4 days130€80€40€180€195€
  5 days145€90€50€205€220€
  6 days160€110€55€225€240€
  7 days170€120€60€240€255€


Equipment is rented only to guests with at least Level 2 IKO. You must have good control of the kite, ride small distances and perform a self-rescue efficiently.

The guest is solely responsible for the equipment. Guest is not allowed to lend to or use the equipment to teach other people.

Insurance is optional but it does not cover equipment breakage or loss, only repairs.

A deposit is required in case of breakage or theft. The amount varies according to the pricelist for the equipment rental.

We guarantee that all rented equipment is fairly new and in excellent condition.