Kite School

Our courses are customize and adapted to each guest, according to your individual pace and ability. Our experienced and certified IKO (International Kite Boarding Organization) instructors, who are recognized worldwide, allow you to progress safely.

To guarantee a smooth and satisfactory progress, we teach in groups of maximum 2 students per instructor.

You must weigh a minimum of 40Kg. However, there is no age limit or special conditions to start your adventure with kiteboarding, except be able to swim and have fun!

You can choose from different teaching packages according to your needs and availability.

The rate of progress and the number of hours will depend on each guest.


Flying on the beach (2 hrs)

  • Introduction with a short  theory and analysis:  wind conditions, hazard zone
  • Discovery and setting up the equipment
  • Elementary of steering the kite with mastering of takeoff and landing
  • Familiarizing with the safety systems


Body dragging in the water (3 hrs)

  • Controlling the kite while body dragging (downwind, upwind, first without and then with the board).
  • Relaunching the kite in the water
  • Putting the board on the feet and maintaining the correct position for the water start


Sliding on water (4-6 hours)

  • Preparation of the equipment independently (setting of the kite, choosing appropriate equipment, go into the water)
  • The safety rules and the right of way
  • Riding and mastering the speed control
  • Riding upwind – going out and coming back to the same place of the shore