António (Portuguese)

General Manager

Antonio previously worked with Accounting and Business Consulting in Portugal, when he decided to try scuba diving. Little did he know it would be a one-way trip. He decided to come live on the island and has been working as a diving instructor for the last 8 years. Loves the island since his first visit 25 years ago.

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JOSY (Cape Verdean)
Diving Base Leader

The first female Cape Verdean PADI Instructor. Her diving love story began 6 years ago when she decided to work with something wonderful and exciting. She started with one Discover Scuba Diving and is still here in the diving industry. For her, the most important thing is to share love, and nothing is better for her than when she sees the student’s happy faces.

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SILVIA (Spanish)
Diving Instructor

Silvia was born in Madrid, but months later she went with her family to the Canary Islands and grew up in Tenerife, that’s when she fell in love with marine life. She decided to study commercial diving and after several years of work, she was curious to teach everything she had learned, so she started her career as a diving instructor, and it was the best decision in the world! Thanks to this work she can travel and get to know the marine and cultural diversity. Before arriving in Cape Verde she was in California, and this place has something special!

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FLAVIE (French)

Diving instructor

Flavie is the Frenchie of Atlantic Star. She has been traveling a lot during these last years while discovering her passion for diving, marine life and teaching all she knows about scuba diving. Her diving instructor experience began two years ago and she will be happy to share her experience with you. Before joining our team, she was working for several months in the Dominican Republic and is eager to welcome you to this wonderful island.

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SARAH (British)

Diving instructor

Sarah grew up in the UK but her heart has always laid elsewhere. Following spells in education, particularly teaching English in exotic locations like Japan. Sarah found her real passion was teaching not in the classroom but under the water. Having completed her Instructor course in the strong currents of Komodo, Indonesia Sarah and passing through Malta, Sarah came to and joined us at Atlantic Star.

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SUSANN (German) IKO Level 2

Kite instructor

Susann is a Medical Scientist who swapped the research laboratories with the Open Sea. She learnt how to kite in Australia and got instantly hooked. She has been teaching ever since in Italy, before coming to Cabo Verde for the waves. According to her, Kitesurfing is one of the most amazing sports out there, that is adrenaline-fuelled and meditation, all at the same time. You will hear her say that once out on the ocean, it’s just you and the elements, an incredible sensation that gets even better when you share it with others. She also keeps joking that Kiters are either way so much cooler than the Divers, so come and kite with her to find out and share the feeling of freedom on the water!

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