The most popular spots :

  • It takes 10 minutes by car to reach this spot from Santa Maria. The 3-km long sandy beach is without rocks or obstacles. There are no hotels in the area, so water activities are not disturbed by swimmers or sunshades.
  • Note: there is only a small bar at this site so make prior arrangement if you intend to spend the day here.
  • This is a nice spot for all levels riders. Most of the time there is a safe side-on northeast wind direction, ideal for beginners.
  • Located on Santa Maria beach, which is lined with hotels. You will be able to take out your kite right next to your hotel, but watch out for all the tourists and sunshades in the vicinity! Most of the time the wind is off-shore or side-on at the end of the bay. The beach break can sometimes become rough and very high
  • This spot is recommended to intermediate to advance levels and freestylers.


Wave spots for advanced levels :

West Coast : for those looking for an adrenalin fix

  • Average to large size waves
  • Keep an eye on the rocks
  • Exposed to the north-easterly wind

Coral Djeul
  • Location with waves for advanced riders
  • Exposed to northerly and southerly winds

(left side)
  • Small to medium size waves
  • Keep an eye on the rocks
  • Exposed to north north-easterly winds

(right side)
  • Small and medium size waves, i.e. for intermediate and advanced riders
  • Sandy and rocky beach
  • Exposed to the north-easterly wind

Calheta Funda
  • Small to average size waves but there is a large beach break here so this spot is reserved for advanced levels
  • The beach is rocky and exposed to the north-easterly wind

  • This spot has tall waves and a small bay which reduces the force of the shore break
  • The beach has rocks and is exposed to the north-easterly wind

Ponta Preta
  • This is the place on the island for very advanced levels to ride the waves
  • The waves can rise to a height of 6 metres! The beach is rocky but you can also find some sand here
  • Usually a good place for side-off shore kitesurfing in a north-easterly wind

  • Located opposite the Riu Hotel so you will have a few spectators
  • It will be easier to prepare your kite on the sand dune side. Most of the time the wind is side-offshore (north-easterly wind)

Est Coast : Exposed to northern and north-easterly winds

Ponta Sino
  • On this sandy beach, located to the far left of Santa Maria Bay, you can encounter small to medium size waves which are perfect for freestyle enthusiasts.

Ponta Leme Bedje
  • This is a sandy and rocky beach to the far right of Santa Maria Bay. When the swell arrives from the south the waves may not be too tall and easy to learn how to navigate. However, the current may be strong in winter.

Cabeza Salina
  • This sandy beach, located in the southern part of “Shark Bay,” attracts few visitors owing to the rocks in the vicinity. At low tide, they can be on the surface of the water. Be careful! The spot can be both smooth and rough with good small to medium size waves.